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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  February 9, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PST

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and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur fox news weather alert. a mass itch blizzard in parsts of new england at this hour and dumping several more inches of approximately 650,000 people from new york to maine without power and heat . in the meantime there are huge
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travel restrictions in place. alm road in the connecticut in a state wide travel ban. you can see sent in by the viewerings, first showing an entire neighborhood practically buried in the snow. in this one, you can see how deep the snow is as one, you look at that man waist deep in the stuff and trying to clear a path using a snow blower. if you have amazing messages as we have seen, e-mail them at the address on the screen. youreportat the we'll get them on tv. stay safe while you do it >> fox news alert. the massive search in california for an extremely dangerous suspect excop
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christopher dorner. he's kill would three people possibly out of revenge and dorner left a manifesto and his words are chilling. suppressing the truth will dead to dead lie consequences. there will be an element of surprise where you work and live and eat and sleep. what bringings in this kind of a person. we'll bring in the doctor lipmond. thanks for joiningugs. >> good thank you. >> this guy is dangerous and not only frightening for the public but authorities. he knows how they operate. >> not only does he know how they operate but in an intensely homicidal mind and armed to the himit. if why are going to catch him and get him we have to know how he thinking. i will tell your viewers about
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what the problemable insight of this man's thinking is like based on the 11-page manifesto. >> please doe. >> look, one . things that you may not know about this guy although he was on the la pd before he has a long history explosive violent episode. he was tossed out of high school for fight tossed off of the football team for fighting and lists other violent episodes that he tried to justify. this is it a very explosive man, number one . number two, he's someone who is so sensitive to any kind much insult or slight that in that manifesto, he's talking about things that happened in his childhood and burning with rage about them as if they happened yesterday and finally, the third piece we need to know. if we look at the manifesto,
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it is film would with very high ideas of self. heap said for example, i will bring unconventional and asymmetriical. you have misjudged a sleeping giant. there is no conventional threat assessment for me. what does it mean in terms of the people trying to catch him? this means he is a classic a-one narccistic personality dis. it doesn't mean he is psychecotic like laugner. he was homicidal and enraged. he is likely to go out in a blaze of glory. >> that's what i wanted to ask you, doctor. >> you say homicidal.
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do you think he is suicidal. >> jamie, i have done interviews for the last 48 hours and you are the first person to pick up on this. when you read the 11 page manifesto, you have to realize that part grand royce intent of violence and half suicide note. people who followed the story may be wondering why he mentioned jerry seinfeld and hang over and odd references? because that was the suicide note part of this, staying goodbye to all of these things that he appreciated. now, part of that is suicide by cop. it is it quite like leap i would sigh 50 percent likely he will present himself before officers not because hements to give himself up but because he want to confront the accusers that he is enraged at .
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the other possibility is that instead of narcissn. it looks like a bi-polar disorder. all of these reference and it is length . statement suggest that someone who may be driven enough ewith the media attention me may want to keep it going . we have to lock - for both. >> doctor, because a lot of people are high functioning bipolar, do you have evidence that he's been on medication or treated? >> we have evidence that he has come into contact with people who have confronted him about his violence. now, talk about high functioning bipolar. >> i don't want to use time, i have very little time left. if you don't mind. he's left clues, doctor.
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he left his wallet and the car and he's been spotted in places. but not most recently. is it possible that he's already taken his life somewhere oir you are more certain than not that he may reported that a 50 cab ber weapon with five inch bullets. does that stound like a personality to go out that way. >> jamie, your audience needs ton hed himself being clinically depressed. that's suggest history of treatment. if it is bipolar one it is not two. there is it a strong possibility he may have taken his life. there is threes here. one, he's going to offer himself up for a confrontation and he will be taken down . the second that he's taken his life . the third is that he's cannier than he's led on and he will
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stretch it out as long as possible and try to get away with it. the likelihoods are in the violent realm rather than the escape. >> i hope they catch him. if you see him. we have shown you pictures. pick up anonymously and help the officers. we don't want anyone else to lose their life. doctor, thank you, fascinate >> and a good interview. >> appreciate that. >> the nation's budget battle is intensifying and pint gon proposing sweeping cuts. it is a major blow to our defense realities. those cuts will be a reality if congress doesn't act before march 1st. peter? >> that's right. kelly, march first. we are 20 days away from what the white house tells us automatic 9 percent to
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nondefense and 13 percent cut to defense programs this year. but president obama said yesterday. if congress can compromise on spending cuts and tax reform, then the threat of the sequester will be delayed. >> we are just weeks away from deep automatic cuts to federal spending including defense. there is no reason. no reason for that to happen. putting our fiscal house in order calls for a balanced approach . not massive indiscriminate cuts that impact military preparedness. >> sequestration would result in 2100 food inspections a year and delay i.r.s. customer service responses and could reduce system - social security oversight . cutun employment up to 9 percent .
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the impact of the cuts of the pentagon could be much worse. >> instelved -- instead of a first rate power we would be the second rate. that would be the result of the sequester. >> those defense cuts are unacceptable to the republican of the services committee. ship yard workers are laid off and aircraft are pushed past their limit and soldiers are being tested by the president's repeated insistance that defense cuts are the key to resolving the financial crisis . even if sequestration doesn't take off. russia's defense tend spending will be bigger and china is set to pass us by that stame measure and worth pointing out the u.s. gdp is larger than any of thoyce two countries.
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>> and why it is it so important when you look at sequestration. thank you for that report. >> there is new numbers that show americans are once again starting to borrow mon i against their homes at a record pace. what up need to know to keep from getting in trouble with home equitty loanings. stay with us. . . like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash,
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fox news alert. incredible pictures that we wanted to show you from massachusetts you know, we talked about how much snowfall they got. three feet or more. look at this is it flooding now and peter judge from the massachusetts state emergency management talkingitous about the coast and record threatening high tide . now look at the level of this water . look at the waves. folks can be in hurricanes,
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more people die from flooding than hurricanings. this is it a dangerous situation that massachusetts is going to have to deal with. mother nature very harsh on this region. this video gives you a little peek at how it is it shaping up there and crews cannot come in at a time like they will have to wait and stee what remains. they will be working through the night. >> new concerns of americans borrowing money against the value of their does this you mine u.s. homeowneringsure reverting back to the recklessness of the housing market collapse and what people need to know about getting into trouble. pat, it is good to have you with us.
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>> great to be back. >> you know when america enjoyed the house being boom in the last decade. homeowners with drew trillion in home equitty and used it like it an atm . is it possible for those false good times to return? >> ape lots of experts say no. i think the information is it much more mixed and we have to approach it very cautiously . the 11 million people that you reference still under water on their homes, clearly they can't borrow more money. 1.4 million people slipped through october. thape slip happened into the black and that is it good news. that means they have home equitty that they can tap into. why is that, well, depending on the numbers. i am using co-logic numberings. real estate nbc are up 8 percent year after year . helping people move from the
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red to the black and that is it encouraging as long as we don't go overboard. lending standarpeds are tighter than they used to be and that is it a good thing. we are not i am always upon cautious when i think much people borrowing. prudence is not in our dna when it comes to money. people used to borrow for anything and everything whether it will be a car loan or replace their credit card debt. there is it no hard data to tell us we are doing it right this time. >> and the fear factor. we don't know what the future holds and seen how rocky the housing market has been. it is enjoying a rebound. but at the same time home prices are rising and that is causing concern and fear, why? >> i think you have two things. if home prices rise. they get complacent and start
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to use that atm or piggy bank depending on the analogy you want to use. we worry about that. and the other thing is it, you might get people chase prices again. a lot of homeowners would be happy to see that. but it is it not a good thing. we need real estate prices to steady and rise slowly and not to have that big pop. it am bring us back to the stame old doing it the hard way. >> good sound advice. thank you. >> good to see you. >> always is from pat. >> a troubling new study out. we could see a spike of number much americans diagnosed with althiemers.
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shocking numbers for you. according to a new report. as americans get older. number of people with althiemers disease will triple. >> that is it a shocking number . i have just charged you dr. seigal with making sure we don't get it what should we learn and do? >> this study doesn't show that althiemers is it likely
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in termings of diseases. it has to do with the fact that we are giting older and million baby boomerings are getting older and we'll see an infusion of people that are older. by 2050 you will have 80 million people that are over65 which is more than double than what we have now. they're older and people over 80 years old have a 50 percent chance of having dementia and althiemers is number one. >> that is it staggering and add a burden on the health system. >> and to the people with dementia. that is it a huge burden. family and relatives and friends. we have to look more and more on what we do about here's what we learned this year, kelly. we know that it due to on the
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beta an lloyd in the brain. it builds up in the brain. if you find it earlier you can treat it we have more and more ability to find it earlier and using mri scan togs find that abnormality and we know more about the geneticings. ape is one . target that . working on new medications that we use early in the game to treat althiemers and know moroxidants and a new device out that we talked about on the air that introduced electrical stimulation more exercise and more mental exercise . the stuff we do here all of the time. jamie said she's worried about us getting it >> that's a good thing and how early can earlion set althiemers happen? and what test prove whether it is it althiemers or something else. >> it can happen in the fourth
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or fifth decade. but most of the time we don't see it until you are over 65. 75 more likely than 65 . you look for abnormality in thol lobs . brain. you look at mri scan . say are those abnormalities. are they having a problem with memory and language and spatial. >> and losing your keys does not qualify. it is it more serious than that. >> it is more. how do you get home. i forgot. you lose the ability to communicate and make decisions. >> exercise and diet can realm slow the progression of it and even are prevint it? that keeps coming back. >> they were nolt curings. i like the caner-medley diet. we talk about it on sustained
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house call . we like dites that - diets that are high in anti-oxidants and fruits and mental and physical exercise can slow the progression of althiemers. >> we have to do what we can to avoid it. >> we'll get target therapies coming out. not only financially and emotionally people taking care of people with althiemers. >> do me a favor, keep looking out for us in. >> and we'll act scrate our minds. >> thank you dr. eigel. >> great two hours flupe bypass. we'll keep covering the storm for you. i am jamie colby. >> and i am chemy wright. we have concerns for tholce of you stuck in this monster blizzard. uma will bring us more detailings. >> stay safe. we feelkeep yood massachusetts, connecticut and new york and the storm that rick said may be on the way.
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